Press accreditation

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Press accreditation for the Independent Producers Film Festival can only be obtained in advance by  30 June 2010 inclusive, on the first day of the festival, from the IPIFF Press Center located at Cityplex Tomis Mall Constanta, from 10 -14.

Press accreditation allows access to all the films in the Festival, but only on accreditation that ensures reservation of a place in the film room, at the press conferences, behind the scene of the Festival to interview guests, and other events held under the aegis of IPIFF.

Press accreditation is nominal and non-assignable. Non-accredited journalists access to the Festival's events is not allowed. Wearing the accreditation badge is required at all these events. Wearing the accreditation badge by a non-accredited person leads to confiscation of the badge and cancellation of accreditation,by the organizers.

For accreditation one must submit a repuest before Saturday, June 26, 2010 for journalists in Bucharest - until June 28, 2010 for journalists in Constanta. Accreditation form must be filled in and sent to (Iulia Ioana Huiduc) or fax 4 / 021 / 310.09.04. You find the accreditation form attached below.
The accreditation form must be accompanied by a photo of the journalist seeking accreditation and sent to

Accreditation is not allowed for two people of the same newspaper (reporter and photographer).

Accreditation will be nominal and will contain the photo of the person accredited. The owner is likely to be asked in different situations to present an ID. This measure is needed to ensure a smooth conduct of the festival.

For any further information you can call tel. 0742.064.924 (contact Iulia Ioana Huiduc).

Thank you!

Formular Acreditare Presă.pdf

Formular Acreditare Presă.doc