Memory In Stone

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  • Produced by

                   Fundația de Arte Vizuale

  • Directed by

    Iosif Demian

  • Genre


  • Length

    100 m

  • Release

During IPIFF5 - X.07.2010

Synopsis Memory In Stone

After 40 years Demian Joseph returns to Rosia Montana in the footsteps of two films: "Stone Wedding" and "Spirit of Gold" ... what's left of the sentimental picture of what happened to those places ... the people … is the film crew still present in their memory? The film can be a requiem for a vanished world, a place that is currently agonizing ... but also for three great artists: Mircea Veroiu, Leopoldina Bălănuţă, Dorin Liviu Zaharia.

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DVD & Beta