About Mamaia Resort

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Mamaia is a summer resort on the western shore of the Black Sea. It is located in the northern city of Constanta, Romania. Mamaia is not an independent town but a district of Constanta with very few permanent residents (under 50), being mostly during the summer. Construction of residential complexes, which now is set on Lake Siutghiol is likely to change this state of affairs. 

Mamaia is 8 km (5 miles) in length and only 300 m (328 yards) in width, being a strip of land between the Black Sea and Lake Siutghiol.The very long beach with a width up to 250 m is covered with fine sand. Along it's line you can find may shops, restaurants, terraces, clubs and discos. 




The first constructions in the current location of Mamaia were built in 1906 and consisted of wooden cabins gathered in two pavilions, that ended with an arbour and a bridge that goes to the the sea.The inauguration took place on August 22, 1906.The constructions were designed by the landscape architect E. Recont, after the harbour's extension to the already existing beaches in Constanta and the moving of  the "sea baths" in a different location, wich is currently Mamaia. To facilitate access for tourists in Mamaia (or what is now the Casino area in Mamaia), between Constanta and the resort,a railway line is beeing mounted on the route on which Mamaia Blvd is set on today . These constructions were the center for tourist activities until their disappearance caused by a fire in 1920. Immediately after World War I the resort is planned and it's development beggins, with the construction of the royal family's summer residence  wich is now Castel Club. The casino was built in 1925 and in 1934 the first hotel wich was actually a villa . The first real hotel, was Rex (1936) and  only in 1957 Bucharest (currently Yaki) appears which today represents one of the best hotels in Mamaia.During the communist era,a series of constructions were build without an urbanization plan, so that the highstream of tourists attracted by the fine sand could be supported. The resort's development happened in two stages: between 1959 - 1965 the south side was developed , beginning with hotel Park and the northern part that was built mostly during the Ceausescu period, between 1982-1985. 


The main attractions of Mamaia are the Holiday Village, the Aqua Magic amusement park and the gondola.Vacation radio the station of the resort issues each year from May to October since 1966 in five languages (Romanian, English, French, German and Russian) in all the resorts on the Romanian Black Sea coast. Each year, during  summer The national music festival takes place here. 

Holiday Village 
"Holiday Village is a picturesque place that hosts 31 of the Romanian traditional restaurants, decorated in a rustic style, as they represent each region. In the holiday village you will find the most beautiful handmade souvenirs from shells. These souvenirs are handmade from shells gathered in the winter from the sea's shores. Retailers work hard in the winter to give  small gifts of great value. 

Aqua Magic 
Aqua Magic is the most modern water park on the Black Sea, which stretches over an area of 27,200 sqm (2.7 hectares). Slides, pools for adults and children, waterfalls, pools, restaurants, bars, fast food outlets and souvenir shops turn the park into one of the most visited recreational areas in Romania. 

Founded on July 16, 2004, after an investment of approximately € 3.5 million, the gondola is a funicular that links the modern Casino to Hotel Perla, on a route of 2.2 kilometers. It works at a height of 50 meters and at a speed of five meters per second.The whole route is covered in seven minutes. 

Siutghiol lake
Siutghiol Lake is 7.5 km long and 2.5 km wide. On it's 1900 hectares one can practice water sports like nautic skiing or sailing. It also has a limestone island,Ovidiu, with an area of two hectares, on which  a restaurant is located.

Housing conditions are very good, most hotels beeing recently upgraded.The resort can accommodate a total of 20 000 tourists simultaneously in over 60 hotels to 5 star. Natural conditions are excellent: large and full of sand beaches, pleasant breeze and warm sea water. The beach is ideal from mid-May and ending in late September, when average temperatures exceed 25 degrees Celsius. The water is warm until late autumn. 

Annually, the National Music Festival takes place at the Summer theatre. It is divided into three sections: Performance, Creativity and Hit songs. Between 27 and 28 May 2004, the Romanian resort held the Eleventh Meeting of Heads of State and Government of Central European countries.