… Before "The End" After... opens IPIFF5

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The Festival opens with … Before "The End" After..., a spectacle of choreography, film and music directed by Tunde Baczo.


Paul Cimpoieru

Tunde Baczo

George Albert Costea

Ioana Marchidan

Alin State

Gabi Costin

Lari Giorgescu

Silvian Valcu

Irina Sarbu

Elena Paun

Alexandra Fasola

Alexandra Salceanu

Ioan Cortea

Choreographed and directed by Tünde Baczó

Music by: Cari Tibor 

Lightdesign and Multimedia by: Nicolae Constantin Tanase

Not long ago, Nottara Theater hosted the awards ceremony for graduates of all specializations from the Faculty of Theater within the National University of Theater and Cinema (UNATC). An important moment also because two series of graduates went on stage to receive their diplomas: the first series graduating three years of studies and the last series graduating four years.

Although in such circumstances the premises for an inflation of "diplomats" existed in the detriment of an eventual drastic selection of authentic talents, reality refuted stereotypes,  and so the spectacles presented at the Gala have shown that theaters need to prepare (fast and efficiently) to get a brilliant generation of actors, directors, set designers, choreographers, actors, doll handlers and puppeteers and, with your will and the will of literary critics, “theatrologists”...

Tünde Baczó's spectacle, Before "The End" After... presented in the Graduate's Gala is the most telling example in this respect, the prolonged ovation at the end of the show having nothing to do with the cold formalism of conventional applause or the subjective relationships of the colleagues. And that is because, gradually, stolen by the mirage of the bodies describing your world of colors, emotion and thought, you forget that you are in the middle of a license exam in choreography, and you transpose into a world populated by the fictional characters of the two lovers, discomforted through life, sharing a love of such innocent beauty that it seems unreal, the perfect expression of "two hearts that pass through a population”, of which Dan Puric once spoke. Between He (István Téglás), She (Tünde Baczó) and the cinema screen, boundaries are blurring, moving shadows become concrete as part of the inner universe, before their eyes, always ready to marvel. Charlie Chaplin, with his emotions and awkward humor (excellently played by the multi-awarded graduate, George Albert Costa, at the Graduate's Gala), the touchingly funny couple consisting of Stan (Alin State) and Bran (Gabriel Costin), the Blind Flower Girl, the Diva (Irina Sarbu), the always overwhelmed Policemen (Lari Giorgescu şi Silvian Vâlcu), the Cabaret Girls or the Pianist (Ioan Mihai Cortea) are much more tangible realities than the gray and aggressive world of the city, the world of a purposeless struggle, of a cry without pain, of a kiss without love. Therefore, lovers prefer a return to rubbishand horns, violent gestures and collective fears, the dark intimacy of the theater in which the bright beauty of sincere love, devotion, unconditional generosity, closeness without frivolity, and tenderness is stillpossible and unperverted. They themselves become film characters, movie characters of their own, endlessly, beginning with the ending of each film.

Not being an accredited connoisseur of dance, I can not venture to put choreographic elements or interpretive techniques into question, as deep feelings should not be theorized or conceptually decomposed, not to be rendered meaningless, I allow myself, however, because it is a spectacle of dance and theater overlapping in identification, to refer to the need for such creations. Before "The End" After...is a play where emotion arises from gestures, where feelings are revealed through the body, where the spirit transcends the physical; nothing ostentatious, nothing visually aggressive. Tünde Baczó succeeds in carefully using stage effects, in such a way that the dynamics and poetry of the movement do not hamper, but sustain each other, gradually amplifying. The enthusiasm of the young artists transpires, as Antonin Artaud said, through the "hieroglyph of a brealth", seeking not to astound, but to transmit, not to demonstrate, but to reveal, pure and simple. Like the things this play talks about: pure and simple. A play that is hard to describe without leaving me overwhelmed by the same violent emotions that I felt were represented in the Ileana Berlogea Hall of UNATC, on a Sunday where the European Football Championship started, perhaps, more energy and humor, but certainly less emotion.

Before "The End" After... is a play that is worth, without the shadow of doubt, the chance to be represented on at least one of the major theater scenes in Bucharest or in the country, the artistic point of view being, however, superior to many other local creations. And I think that if it will be seen how and by whom it should be, its recognition will not be far ahead. In fact, all these young artists who have managed to transform the Faculty of Theater Graduate's Gala, UNATC, a real theatrical event deserves such opportunity and if normality will become state of fact in ranking artistic values they will certainly get it. Alea jacta est!

Source: LitrNet.ro