IPIFF5 shorts films

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Anyone who entered the theater where they projected short films and animations, was struck by the number of spectators present. Certainly their curiosity was rewarded with a fascinating series of short films.

From the spectacular variety of  films, "Caviar" and "Oxygen" certainly remain in the memory of the spectators as two completely different films that are equally as  impressive.


Săvescu's film, "Caviar" plays the protagonist Robert (Andi Vasluianu), a widowed father who made everything possible to help his daughter overcome the suffering caused by her mother's death. He promises that he would buy her a puppy from Carrefour - a symbolic place, which means  "crossroads" in French, is considered a symbol of where the characters are. Located at the junction between of two ways of life, one that he must leave behind and the one that awaits him, Robert will have to choose his road.



"Oxygen" can successfully be considered the product of the  memory of those who lived under communism in Romania. A dark film showing the story of the people in search of oxygen, of freedom.


The animations presented at the festival were a surprise, given the current topics they were concentrated on. "White Noise"and  "Black White" manage  to express in a beautifull manner the problems of  discrimination, a sensitive issue which is seen in a very cheerful and casual way in both films.


The Short films  Competition from IPIFF5 was certainly an impressive mix of stories and deep subjects and the animations showed that this technique of making movies has a bright future ahead!


Created by Bianca Pana