An interview with Sebastian Pop Codin

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Q: What led you to choose a career in film?

A: As a child I was passionate about visual arts, I started by drawing, I continued with advertising illustrations and illustrations for books, and also did some writing. Basically I enterd this art from many perspectives and eventually film was a form that encompassed them all. Encompassed all my earlier passions into one



Q: How did the story from "The Canvas" began?

A: It started with two desires, one of them was to present  three allegorical characters,time, art and money and the desire to present the cinema spectator's  experience in a different way.



Q: How would you describe the movie for someone who has not seen it yet?

A: I think there are  many possible interpretations, but the interpretation I also give to it now after  i've seen it for some time is that it is about the spectators experience, entering the cinema, who passes through the cinema screen, where he witness the three stories of the allegorical  characters who pursue a painting, also a work of art, but one of  another nature. Eventually, the viewer gets the painting, he returns with it to the real world and goes home with it. Basically this is the  symbolic level, that we each have with film. If we are impresed with a film, we take a  part of that emotion home. The experience of the movie does not end inside the cinema. Of course there are also some more ambigous elements.



Q: The film is indeed  very abstract.

A: Yes, as it was made for my licence exam I did not expect it  to get licensed in various festivals and I structured my license and  theoretical part  on copyright movies and surrealism in cinema, that is why it  it can not be framed in a particular genre. So it is  more like of an authort film, and it should not  be called "just a short fiction film. It would be a failure to frame it.



Q: What does  IPIFF mean to you?

A: I can say it's at least one festival I would like to return to, to participate in or even to attend the whole festival.B because I have not heard about  this festival in  time I did not get to discover all that IPIFF has to offer.

Created by Bianca Pana