Web Site Story - "a film for the youth that wakeps up the adults "

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How Dan Chisu  proposed, Web Site Story is a film produced in a pure team spirit, a movie in which the subjective contribution of each member involved  has left its mark on the end result, naturall, rough by will,  gross.

          A story whose center is located in the severe consequences that the Internet's popularity causes among teenagers, a story that continues in a fast and  dynamic rythim, exciting, in suspans, drama with an ascending dramatism that takes maligniuous concequences.It is the urban's story of a girl determined to avenge her girlfriend,on the background of a  demanding family, a film that takes a sudden and violent turn that tends to American thrillers, with easy and spontaneous humor   situations with inestetique dialogues, trivial, and theatric endings and manifestations.
          A commercial movie that is fictive and exaggerate, that does not ask you to find yourself in it as a mature man. Yet it convices yout trough a  natural contemporary  plot with a troubled story, that is tragic and comic in the way, that deserves attention, maybe not for the moralizing or revelatory role it playes, but for the well placed entertainment.

      An independent film, made only in 12 days.