Rosia Montana – Memory in Stone

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The cinematic essay Memory in Stone is a very poetic and ethereal film about memory and remembrance. Iosif Demian, director of photography for The Stone Wedding  directed by Mircea  Veroiu returns to the place where the shooting once took place, in Rosia Montana, to make a film about the film. Trough the self-referential remarks that keep a deep reflection and tormented by the possibilities or imposibilities of such an approach, the film becomes  a metamovie, a film about the film's film. Nevertheless it is not so much a film about "The Stone Wedding", but a movie about searching, about sinking into the past, about the recovery of a  memory. The film also calls for a very special filming technique. The camera seems  to insinuate itself like a sort of a fluid through the streets and abandoned houses in Rosia Montana,it sneaks, it dripps, it melts. The evanescence of images and the figures that disappear or get difused trough each other, the idea of the passage of time, the inconsistency of any current present  and the  desintegration of memorie in time are also supported at a formall level. It is debatable if Demian's film is only a reminder, a tribute and also a requiem for  The StoneWedding,or if it can stand by itself as an atutonumous film. He  eventually speaks, not only about the movie and the people who were once there, but about the very difficult process of remembering and retrieval but also about the inseparable link between memory, time and space.


                                                                                                                        Daniela Duca