"Kino Caravan" - They came with the movie!

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Titus Munteanu,a transilvanian director, has made an exceptional movie in a typical Romanian setting, that  will be able to bring at least a smile on everyone's face. The subtle jokes, the contrast between  the worlds of the characters, the situation,are all part of one of the best black comedies from the past recent years in Romania.

The film opens with a framework that reflects on the simplicity of the world Tavi will enter  with  his cinematographic caravan . The rain and barrier made by the river that separate the village from civilization, all seems to be barriers against the arrival of this simple life that people lead. Also the  torrential rain  that "wets" three quarters of the film can be associated to Tavi's mood - dedicated and tense, always ready to take his mission to end in any case.

One fascinating aspect of this movie is the subtilty that gives truth to the story - for example, those signs belonging to the Communist world, those slogans that are  keept alive in the minds of the  villagers their duty towards the country.

As for the scenario, the film abounds with lines that encourage the  actors to highlight their talents. The characters, even if a few, are wonderfully shaped, and so we are part of a wide variety of individuals with tics, habits, perspectives that are so different from each other.
"Kino Caravan" brings with it a movie that wakes it's audience to reality through black humor and in the end when it's preparing to leave, it will give a final thought to which the one  that has seen the film will reflect on for a long time – that, these stories also happen outside the theater.

Bianca Pana