The Public speaks - An interview with Adriana Papp

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Adriana Papp is the director at Citiplex Cinema and a big fan of the new wave of Romanian filmmakers. She loves her workplace (and how could she not love it, when it is a cinema).But more than anything she loves movies and IPIFF, fortunately, deals exactly with that.

Q: You represent the only functional cinema in Constanta. The fact that you have been with  IPIFF for 3 years  meant a remarkable progress  to us in terms of the contact we have with the festival's public. How would you describe this cooperation?

Adriana Papp: Unfortunately, this year the festival is much shorter but more condensed. I would have liked it to be slightly longer because we could have showed more films with more varied themes. Also, previous years were more rich in premieres. There were fewer foreign films at  IPIFF 5. What I found and I enjoy very much is that many young people are interested in IPIFF. This year the gala premiere was amazing. I've seen  Mr. Gabrea's last film and I liked it very much.


Q: IPIFF5 opening gala had an atypical form, marking the beginning of dramatic art and film by returning to the theater room  trough a  fusion of techniques. What did this gala mean to you?

Adriana Papp: The show was amazing, the students were very talented.It even touched me  because I felt really good. Their vision was new to me, I never saw such an avant-garde performances and  we,the people from Constanta rarely have the opportunity to see performances after  the latest experiments students make  I love film beyond my job and that took me to think  that now, in 2010,we  the  operators, are at a crossroad in terms of film projection equipment.Romania has already started to design films on digital projectors and traditional movie film on 35 or 70 mm are losing ground more and more. Across  world, however, and especially in America, projecting films in cinemas has become a rarity and it's becoming more fashionable for the public to attend these cinemas. People are returning to the  cinema where you can hear that wonderful buzz of the movie projector that rotates. Ask me anything else? (Laughs)


Q: IPIFF is an original concept, which grow and matures with each passing year. You also contribute to it's progress. What do you find different in this edition from previous the ones?

Adriana Papp: You asked me a difficult question because I only made the  space available, I was not directly involved in the domestic cuisine of the festival 's organization.The main team comes from Bucharest, encounters logistics and organizational problems, but, speaking from the standpoint of the public these  were seen more in the early years. This year new and  innovative things have emerged , and it seemed that everything goes perfectly. We went to the cinema hall  and saw interested people eager to learn the program and see as many movies as they could.


Q: The city of Constanta does not necesarily have a specific in cinema, but IPIFF has found a home here, at the sea. Do you believe that the public here appreciates the festival and above this, it understands it's importance?
Adriana Papp (smiling): I disagree. Constanta had a  great cinema called Republica, which once operated with a full hall  and the summer gardens in Mamaia, Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud ... It is regrettable that they  no longer exist but in my opinion, the people from Constanta are movie lovers. They have the sea, they dream, and film is the city of dreams. I am very happy that there was a tumult in the city life and I would love to have a competitive environment in which to find a challenge.


Q: IPIFF is known to support young filmmakers. Short films from film schools students are running right now at Cityplex Constanta. Do you trust the next generation of Romanian directors?
Adriana Papp: Oh, yes! We are saved by the young generation. The awards the young directors receive honor us all  and  I, personally was very touched and I cried together with them. Young people are interested, talented, critical, and make much more subtle notes  Even here, in Constanta, there is the Filmmic festival, with generous and difficult  themes and high school students take their role seriously and have a great competition, demonstrating critical and social sense. I have great confidence in them.


Q: It's been five years since the beginning of  IPIFF. How do you see the  festival five years from now?
Adriana Papp: The Festival, like any other event, needs funds to develop and grow. If we only talk on a spiritual level and of the impression, we are full of will. Unfortunately, we face the pragmatic issue of money. I can not predict anything, not even about our country right now, in economic terns, you can not predict anything. I think the festival is in good hands organized by the wonderful and talented people, who put their heart and soul to it. At least from this perspective the future is bright for IPIFF.


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