Red Gloves - can you get them off ? (review)

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Radu Gabrea's film manages to demonstrate de  power of the comunist sistem from the 50's, trough the eyes of Felix,a saxon writer with an unfortunate fate.


The scene that opens the film presents the protagonistin a snow that makes you think about the place from wich everything started:Russia and all the small monsters it has given birth to in time. The rest of the film is a continuous alternation between Felix's  present reality, the cold walls of the prison and his past, a shadow in which he no longer believes in.


An important scene is the one in which Felix is able to move away from his anxiety and the confused atmosphere in the prison cell, by playing  with Vlad, his cell mate, a game of “Friptea”.Despite the suffering, Felix managed to remain rather human, even if this seems impossible.


In terms of the scenario and the speeches, there is one that stands out more: Did you put on the  the red gloves? Your already a comunist in your palms " And so Felix gives himsel up to the sistem and with the price of his dignity becomes one of it's small monsters.

Regarding the making of the film we have simple classical frames in which the most important role is played by the enviroment in which the action takes place:a cold and dark prisson cell,a sombre office,a saxon neighborhood.

 The evolution of the protagonist is well performed by the  well gifted Alexandru Mihăescu (Felix).Bursting with a chronic anxiety at first he reaches that neocatarsis, as the major calls the outcome of the life in prisson trough the abandonment of all his moral values in the hope that everything will soon be over.Truth becomes a relative term for him not knowing if the past really happened or if it was only a dream.In the end he is let with a cronic anxiety.


An emotional film about the sacrifices a young man made once becoming a pray of the comunist sistem.As all his friends,he will learn that the sistem cannot be trusted and  ends up with a deep dissapointment and the red gloves.