The Public speaks - An interview with Daniela Boskoff

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Interview with Ms. Daniela Boskoff ,director at Traian highschool, Constanta

1.You've attended the opening gala of the IPIFF Festival  last night .How did you find the event? (the show and  the movie premiere, Red gloves)?
The IPIFF Festival opening gala was a touching moment and a  moment for reflection. I remembered the communist period when I was a student at the Bucharest University and I found my refuge at the cinemateque, where film was like a pill of hope. The enthusiasm of the young actors who have an original show of dance, music and film gave me hope that we have the potential to be the elite of European art. Red Gloves is a touching movie about the tragedies of communism that left us astonished, although in theory we knew these atrocities. The publics discussions with the  director, Mr Radu Gabrea, after the projection, completed the dimension of the real situation. I was impressed by the exceptional level of interpretation by the  actors, especially the main role performed by Alexandru Mihaescu. I had the revelation to find values of dramatic art and cinema, which I didn't imagine could be valued in a Romanian film.


2. What films from the festival you plan to watch next?
Website Story, Poker, If i want to whistle I  whistle, The flute and more over time ...


3. How receptive do you think the public from Constanta is to such events?  Is there a movie goer public in Constanta ?
I always thought that people from Constanca are open to all novelty. The public from Constanta needs to be properly educated to appreciate the true values, and such events as the film festival support of the city's cultural development.
 Last night I had the opportunity to see a room full of young people who seek the true values. I am more than pleasantly surprised. Regarding the  public from Constanta ,lets ask a simple question: How many have seen Bergman's  "Wild Strawberries" and how many saw The Matrix?


4.Do you think that the event was well enough promoted?
Yes, it was well promoted! There is a  website,banners, fliers,promotion through press, radio and local television.


5. What would you propose to improve  the running of the festival?
Adequate funding. I wonder how some the  businessmen from Constanta would  have reacted  if it was a Miss contest  ...


6. A good part of the volunteers for IPIFF Festivals  are students from  Traian high school. Is it a coincidence?
No, obviously not. Traian highschool students participate in many volunteer activities. Look on our website and see that we are interested in helping orphans, disabled children, poor children, the people that society has pushed outward. If in a developed society there is  a culture of mutual aid in our country people with problems are ignored, rejected and even despised by society. There are also some promising initiatives, evidenced by European Union programs. Us,the high school teachers from Traian, probably inspired by educational sistems from other states have tried to guide the students to a culture of volunteerism. In the case of the IPIFF festival and our film festival FILMMIC, now in its third edition, things are more complex.


7.This year the IPIFF Festival also has a section for high school competitors, A Drop of Sea. How interested were the high school students from Traian in this contest, especially after the previous FILMMIC  festival 'Get Involved! Do not be indifferent "to the organization of  which you have been directly involved?
Your question will only allow me to detail the final idea of the previous response. Traian School organizes an annual short film festival for high school students in Romania. I found it necessary to give young people the opportunity to express their ideas creatively, putting to value their artistic skills, and try to find their own solutions to the problems they face.
The  “A DROP OF SEA'' section is a new challenge for young film enthusiasts, and many FILMMIC  participants have an opportunity to continue at another level.
These wonderful things could not happen without the good cooperation we have with the director, Mr. Dinu Tanase  who has been aside young highschool students, helping to promote interest in film among them.

Interview by Daniela Duca