Afis IPIFF 2008

Short reel films in competition

1. A day in a life(2007)
Running time: 21 min 15 sec

Mario and Tom are two street punks who want to rob a bank. They ask the young Turkish Emin to be their driver that day. Emin can use the money and accepts, but he doesn’t have a getaway car…

Directed by : Nicolas Daenens
 Cast : Johan Heldenbergh, Sam Louwyck, Pieterjan Vervondel, Mustapha Emran, Anton Cogen
Screenplay : Nicolas Daenens
Director of photography : Lieven Van Baelen
Producer : Ief Stuyvaert

2.Hey ho, comrades (2007) 

Student Darko Zuljan finds the passionate war songs, which were sung by the partisans during their fights in the World War II interesting. Once he even gets the idea to gather some of his friend into the improvised group and sing the old songs themselves, for these would certainly be very well accepted at the boring partisan ceremonies. When boys actually find theirselfs at one of such ceremonies, Zuljan suddenly becomes aware of the things that are left behind and are hidden in the songs of somebody else.

Directed by : Gregor Bozic
Cast : Peter Harl, Luka Skof, Uros Kaurin
Screenplay : Marina Gumzi
Director of photography : Simon Pintar
Producers :Gregor Bozic

3. Miraslava (2007)
Running Time: 7 min 25 sec

A young man, his life in tatters, seeks redemption by fleeing the city.

Directed by : Roberto Santaguida
Cast : Erin Peach, Sabrina Hole, Jen Coal
Screenplay : Roberto Santaguida
Producers : Roberto Santaguida

4. Playground(2007)
Running Time: 21 min

Making friends can be a dangerous venture.

 Directed by : Liam Branagan
 Cast : Sam Gorman, Isaac Gorman, Tom Walters
 Screenplay : Eve Spence
 Director of photography : David Burr Asc
 Producers : Liam Branagan

5. Anemone (2007)
Running Time: 12 min

In glacial, colourless environments Pauline fight fractions of a dark memory. She recalls a children’s party where she remained on the sidelines. How these emories are smoldering in her head, in her sensory perception of present, past and what’s in between.

 Directed by : Nathalie Teirlinck
 Cast : Lena Suijkerbuijk
 Screenplay : Nathalie Teirlinck
 Director of photography : Gregg Young
 Producers : Nathalie Teirlinck

6Fading Away (2007)
Running Time: 10 min

Since their marriage forty years ago, Martha and Herbert have lived together in the same small flat. Martha has recently been behaving strangely; she keeps asking the same questions, and the friends she meets to play cards with have also begun to notice her odd behaviour. Herbert is worried. Is Martha suffering from dementia, or is he simply imagining things?

 Directed by : Fabian Giessler
 Cast : Liane Düsterhöft, Dietmar Obst, Dieter Bellmann
 Screenplay : Fabian Giessler
 Director of photography : Dennis Jackstien
 Producers : Fabian Giessler

7Just Call me Tobi B  (2008)
Running Time: 15 min

Knarcksen just fell from the sky and doesn't know why. Meadow. Nothing but meadow and strange guys in strange suits. Nobody knows about time but they know how to smoke and drink hard. Tobi B will tell what it's all about.

 Directed by : Felix Stienz
 Cast : Jörg Gahr, G.A.W., Matthias Hinz, Stephanie Capetanides, Clemens „Bembi“ Wissert, Tobi B
 Screenplay : Felix Stienz
 Director of photography : Markus Förderer
 Producers : Marcus Forchner

8. Novio (2007)
Running Time: 10 min 27 sec

Oscar is on a rare visit to see his estranged father in Carlos, in the Spanish countryside. Carlos and his friends are impressed when Oscar lands a big kill on a hunting trip. But behind the triumph lies 'Novio', a traditional hunting prank that will put Oscar through a much tougher test.

Directed by : Leanne Welham & Ignacio Tatay
Cast : Sebastián Haron, Manuel Tallafé, Guillermo Cala
Screenplay : Ignacio Tatay / Leanne Welham
Producers : Leanne Welham

9. Barbara Broadcast (2006)
Running Time: 15 min

Two friends telling each other stories find themselves stuck in a room from which they cannot escape. A strange will disease gradually overcomes them and they can't figure out why.

 Directed by : Jean-Julien Collette, Olivier Tollet
 Cast : Olivier Massart, Thierry Lefèvre
 Screenplay : Jean-Julien Collette, Olivier Tollet
 Music: Stelvio Cipriano
 Editing : Bernard Beets
 Producers : Anthony Rey

10. Freshwater (2007)
    United Kingdom

“It could have happened to any one of us.” It's never easy coming home, and when you've got a past to confront it's all the more challenging.

 Directed by : Nigel Taylor
 Cast : Simon Rhodes, Sebastian Street
 Screenplay : Chris Manson
 Director of photography : Alex Ryle
 Producers : Chris Manson, Ada Maria Ichim


11.  Medium Rare (2007)
         United Kingdom
 Running Time: 13 min 30 sec

Danger, lust and fear combine in an erotic game. Carl is on the run from a gang intent on killing him. When a beautiful woman offers him an unexpected hiding place, his luck seems to change. But desire is about to lay its own subtle trap.

 Directed by : Stefan Stuckert
 Cast : Steve Furst, Sara Stewart, Gordon Alexander, Derren
 Screenplay : Stefan Stuckert
 Producer : Stefan Stuckert

12. Save the World (2007)  
    United Kingdom
 Running Time: 11 min

Richard is a marketing adviser that one day decides to quit his job, leave his girlfriend and family, and focus on a more serious task like saving the world, although in a very particular way.

 Directed by : David Casals-Roma
 Cast : Damian Christian-Howard, Caroline Scott
 Screenplay: David Casals-Roma
 Director of photography : Steven Priovolos
 Producers : David Casals-Roma

13. A good day for a swim (2008)
 Running Time: 10 min
Cătălin Mitulescu - Filmografie – Producător
2007 – O zi bună de plajă (r. Bogdan Mustaţă)
2007 – Lecţia de box (r. Alexandru Mavrodineanu)
2006 – Cum mi-am petrecut sfârşitul lumii (r. Cătălin Mitulescu)
2005 – Ryna (r. Ruxandra Zenide)

Three teenage criminals escape from a juvenile facility and on their way to leave the country they have their way with a prostitute and a truck driver.

 Directed by  : Bogdan Mustaţă
 Producers : Cătălin Mitulescu, Corina Burlacu
 Cast : Florin Sinescu, Okan Kaya, George Hoffman, Cerasela Iosifescu, Marian Ghenea
 Screenplay : Cătălin Mitulescu
 Director of photography : Barbu Bălăşoiu, Ana Drăghici
 Sound : Dragomir Stanomir, Sebastian Zsemlve, Alexandru Dragomir
 Editing : Letiţia Ştefănescu, Bogdan Mustaţă
 Awards :Berlin International Film Festival (2008) - Câştigător al premiului Ursul de Aur, la secţiunea Cel mai bun scurt metraj din competiţie.

14.  Dănuţ boards on a ship (2008)
     Running Time: 27 min
Cristian Comeagă  -  Filmografie - Producător
2008 – Dănuţ pleacă pe vapor (r. Radu Potcoava)
2008 – Tache (r. Igor Cobileanski )
2007 – Restul e tăcere (r. Nae Caranfil)
1996 – Asfalt Tango (r. Nae Caranfil)

On a while, Danut is leaving to work on a very luxury cruise ship. He's financial gain is huge, so the family gets rid of every financial worries. Of course, every gift list will be completely accomplished. No problem, 'cause Danut will be filthy rich. The only problem is that the Bucharest town acts as a woman between two ages, when her husband leaves her for a much younger and beautiful mistress. She locks all the doors, she stands out there and cries, not leaving you for anything in the world to get out of the house.

 Directed by : Radu Potcoavă
 Cast : Ionuţ Adăscăliţei, Dorian Boguţă, Valentina Popa, Victoria Cociaş, Alin Roşca,     Marcel Horobeţ, Bogdan Miron                                                                             
 Screenplay : Radu Potcoavă
 Director of photography : Mihai Tănase
 Music : Nicolae Guţă
 Editing : Mircea Lăcătuş
 Producers : Cristian Comeagă

15. The Inspiration(2007)
Republica Moldova
 Running Time: 10 min
Ramona Munteanu - Filmografie - Producător
2008 – (Plictis) şi Inspiraţie (r. Igor Cobileanski)
2008 – Spot TIFF 2008: Fetele de aur
2008 – Spot TIFF 2008: Să nu conduci azi
2008 – Spot TIFF 2008: Femeia cu pistolul de aur
2008 – Spot TIFF 2008: Trăieşte şi lasă-i pe alţii să viseze

A bored mayor, his assistant and the community cop set out looking for inspiration.

Directed by  : Igor Cobileanski
Produced by : Brio Studio / Basarabia
Cast : Sergiu Voloc, Valeriu Turcanu, Mihai Curagau
Screenplay : Igor Cobileanski Director of photography : Sergiu Barbara
Editing : Viorel Mardare, Igor Cobileanski
Producers :Ramona Munteanu
Awards : Premiul pentru scurt-metraj în cadrul Secţiunii Zilelor Filmului Românesc, din cadrul TIFF 2008.

 16. Chocolate bombons(2008)
Alexandru Iclozan - Filmografie – Producător
2008 - Dincolo de America (r. Marius Barna)
2008 – O zi bună (r. Cătălin Apostol)
2008 - Bomboane de ciocolată (r. Sebastian Chelu, Deian Cărmăzan)
2006 - Happy End (r. Radu Potcoavă)

Matei, a young man from the countryside is just about to be married the following day. He leaves for the city in order to pay the new taxes imposed for marriages. Once arrived in the city, first he meets a swindler taxi driver, after that he is also confronted with a very nervous employee who considers herself a much too nice lady. Once arrived at the new founded centre, a new problem appears, he has no change. Matei changes the money buying a chocolate box which he intends to offer to the employee. Returned at the office, he is announced that the lady has left because she’s in the middle of a “divorce process”.

Directed by : Sebastian Chelu, Deian Cărmăzan
 Cast : Valentin Teodosiu, Ecaterina Nazare, Constantin Drăgănescu, Luminiţa Erga, Vasile Popa, Elena Preda
Screenplay : Lucian Dan Teodorvici
Director of Photograpy : Mihai Băltăreţu
Editing : Mihnea Buescu
Produced by : Alexandru Iclozan

17. A good day (2008)
Alexandru Iclozan - Filmografie – Producător
2008 - Dincolo de America (r. Marius Barna)
2008 – O zi bună (r. Cătălin Apostol)
2008 - Bomboane de ciocolată (r. Sebastian Chelu, Deian Cărmăzan)2006 - Happy End (r. Radu Potcoavă)

Costel is drinking too much and he’s rather lazy. He spends all his time at the village pub. In the evening he comes home drunk and he quarrel loudly with his wife. One day the woman decides to divorce him. Costel is destroyed. He wishes to commit suicide and he walks in the village looking for a pillar. He finds one at the periphery of the village and climbes. What is he waiting for? Probably the moment he will have the guts to touch the wires and to dye.

Directed by : Cătălin Apostol
Cast : Ion Grosu, Petrică Nicolae, Luminiţa Erga, Vasile Popa, Avram Iclozan, Cristina Creţu, Ali Amir, Constantin Paraschiv
Screenplay : Lucian Dan Teodorvici
Director of Photograpy : Marian Stanciu
Editing : Mădălin Cristescu
Produced by : Alexandru Iclozan

18.Life’s hard(2007)
Running time: 20 min
Vivi Drăgan Vasile - Producător – Filmografie
2007 – O scurtă poveste (r. Radu Vasile Igazsag)
2007 – La drumul mare (r. Gabriel Sârbu)

A story based on daily reality: the woman who is a bad driver, the man who is the competent driver, but incompetent in his relationship with a woman, stealing….

Directed by : Gabriel Sârbu
Cast : Andi Vasluianu, Claudia Prec, gabriel Spahiu, Mihaela Beţiu
Screenplay : Gabriel Sârbu
Imaginea / Director of Photograpy : Marius Panduru
Producători / Produced by : Vivi Drăgan Vasile

19. Strawberries in April(2008)
Running time: 20 min

Tatăl şi Fiul se reîntâlnesc după trei ani de tăcere. Iminenţa morţii Tatălui îi provoacă la o discuţie finală, întreruptă de apariţia unei Femei pe care o iubesc amândoi. Cei doi bărbaţi pleacă într-o mare călătorie, întreruptă şi ea de aceeaşi Femeie.

The Father and the Son meet again after three years of silence. The Father’s death imminence challenges the Son to an ultimate talk, interrupted by a Woman loved by both of them. The two men leave in a big journey, interrupted by the same Woman.

 Directed by  : Cornel Mihalache
 Cast : Mircea Albulescu, Dan Aştileanu, Lia Bugnar, Valentin Popescu, Constantin Cojocaru, Ioan Brancu
 Screenplay : Cornel Mihalache
 Editing : Ioan-Ioachim Stroe
 Producers : Strada Film, Corina Burlacu

20. Drăguş 2x40 (2007)
Running Time: 26 min
Vivi Drăgan Vasile - Filmografie – Producător
2007 – Drăguş (r. Titus Muntean)
2007 – O scurtă poveste (r. Radu Vasile Igazsag)
2007 – La drumul mare (r. Gabriel Sârbu)

In 1929 a team led by Dimitrie Gusti realized the first sociological documentary in Romania, inside a village from the Făgăraş Mountains, called Drăguş. After 40 years, during the communist slogans, the studio “Sahia” is shooting in the same village, using the comparison as a platform for the idea of “the new Romanian village”, inevitably happy and in the middle of the progress. Now, after almost 80 years, a world war, a socialist “revolution” and an opposite one, what is left there, in Drăguş? This is what the authors of the film intended to find out; but is not as easy as it looks like.

 Directed by :Titus Muntean
 Cast : Tudor Aaron Istodor (narator)
 Director of photography : Ancuţa Iordănescu
 Sound : Dana Bunescu
 Editing : Dobrică Lospăm, Dana Bunescu
 Producer : Vivi Drăgan Vasile
 Executive Producer : Velvet Moraru

21. All inclusive (2008)
     All inclusive
 Running Time: 13 min

There is a place in this world where parents go with their children and let them to be killed, without anyone to convict them.

 „We were drawn both by the controversial theme of this film and by the universality of its social message. The contrast between the beauty of the location (magnificent natural shots of the Danube Delta) and the dramatic subject made us invest in this film, which we hope will be well received at film festivals everywhere. By issuing a DVD and with the help of special screenings, we intend to test the audience’s reaction to it, in order to find a common language for our future projects.” (Cătălin Chirilă, producer)

Directed by  : Adrian Chişcop
Cast : Daniel Iancu, Adriana Butoi, Raluca Rusu
Screenplay : Cătălin Chirilă
Director of photography : Ciprian Caragea
Music : Sorin Terinte, Petre Moca Grama
Editing : Cristian Grosu
Producers : Cătălin Chirilă  /  The End Film / Macondo Production

 22. Single use only (2007)
 Running Time: 5 min 43 sec
Alexandru Gherman - Filmografie – Producător
2008 - Dacă nu ar trebui
2007 - De unică folosinţă

The idea of realizing this short reel came in the same time with the launching of project "Money" initiated by Florin Piersic Jr. The project was supposed to contain 14 short reels describing the same theme (Money) created after some rules Florin made ( 2 characters, interior, real time, fiction, present). Both the theme and the rules assessed were a dare for me, very suitable for the begining of my director/producer career, "Money" being the main problem any director cames across of. I chose a quite indirect and satiric approach to the theme, willing to show that, actually, this paradox of a neverending run after money can create very amusing situations (perfect for a movie). (Alexandru Gherman)

A pharmacy. Present. Real time. Two characters: a pharmacist and a client. Can there be a funnier way to begin a relationship? You can decide for yourself.

Directed by  : Alexandru Gherman
Cast : Cecilia Donat, Matei Rotaru
Screenplay : Alexandru Gherman
Director of photography : Fazakas Gergely
Music : Vince Tabios
Editing : Fazakas Gergely
Producers : Alexandru Gherman

23. Intercontinental Slide (2008)

United kingdom/Germany/Romania

Cosmin, a Romanian who lives in the occident, returns home to see his mother who has fallen ill. It is 1989, the days before Christmas. Everybody hears the news from the capital over the radio- the government is overthrown and Ceausescu, the dictator, shall be executed soon. Ana is leading the group of revolutionary peasants and tries to make an impression on Cosmin, the special guest from the west. Having been his youth lover, she senses that Cosmin is missing something extraordinary in his life.

Directed by  : Lucas Florian
Cast : Marcel Iureş, Roxana Guttman, Răzvan Oprea, Radu Sas, Adriana Vaida, Ion Tifor,Cosmin Domnişan
Screenplay : Lucas Florian
Director of photography : Adrian Voicu
Music : Mircea Florian
Editing : Octavian “Dia” Diaconescu
Producers : Lucas Florian , Saskia Wegelein (co-production)
                                                       Joanna Viehof (executive producer)

24. O legendă vie (2008)
A Living Legend
România / Romania
Durata / Running Time: 18 min

It’s winter, around Christmas Eve. People are getting ready to slaughter their pigs and gather around the boiled brandy pot, the straws, the big fire, the sausages and the bacon. As we travel around the country, through Maramureş, Oltenia, Muntenia and Transylvania, we get to know the exact traditions that Romanian peasants still hold. Will they be able to preserve them in the European Union? Can a new law from Bucharest really change a hundred years tradition?

Directed by  : Cristian Radu Nema, Dan Ştefan Pârlog
Cast : Mircea Albulescu, Radu Roatis Chetan, Severica Dagadita, Georgeta Iorga, Ulisse Mazilu, Nicolae Linc
Screenplay : Cristian Radu Nema
Director of photography : Cristian Radu Nema, Dan Stefan Pârlog
Music : Mircea Bodolan
Editing : Cristian Radu Nema, Dan Ştefan Pârlog
Producers : Cristian Radu Nema, Dan Ştefan Pârlog