Afis IPIFF 2008

Documentary features in competition

       Documentary features in competition

 1.The Village Called Sands / Sands (Romania 2007, directed by  Claudiu Mitcu)
2. Nichita Stănescu (Romania 2008,  directed by Marian Baciu)

3. Luni
(România, 2008,  directed by Marian Crişan)
4. Podul de flori
(2008, directed by Thomas Ciulei)
5. A fi sau a nu fi
(2007, directed by Anca Damian)
6. Gumelniţa. Bucşani. O nouă lume, acelaşi început
(2007, directed by Daniel Simion)
7. Adela şi Agnetha (2008, directed by Geo Scripcariu)

  1. The Village Called Sands / Sands  (2007)
Running time: 77 min

Every year, on 29 august (“from the beggining of the world”, as a local it says), the village called “Nisipuri” is animated by a local fair known all over the country. The town folks are very proud of their fair, at least ‘till they reach the comparison between their past and their present, when the scale leans inevitably for the past. The documentary catches – by hand shooting and long shoots (the photography director is the famous Andrei Butică) – the day before the fair, the arrangements, the fair and the end of it.

 Directed by : Claudiu Mitcu

Claudiu Mitcu talking about The Village Called Sands: It is an observation film, we try not to make our presence felt, we let the people talk without breaking in for the most accurate interpretation of the event.

Screenplay  :  Claudiu Mitcu
Director of photography : Andrei Butică

 2. Nichita Stănescu (2007) 
Running Time: 30 min
Directed by : Marian Baciu

I made this documentary because it has to be made a movie about Nichita Stănescu. He dominated and is still present in the Romanian poetic universe. Sometimes I have the impression that is only now that we really beginning to understand his poetry”. (Giuliano Doman, Executive producer)

Nichita Stănescu reinvents Romanian post-war poetry. Nichita Stănescu is an inventator, the artistic type just as rare as the creator. Compelled to writing under a totalitarian, plebeian regime, putting up ancillary resentfulness, grossness and raffishness as selection and social success criteria, Nichita Stănescu regains the freedom of pure poetry, with an unexpected popularity to the widest public, despite all its appearance of difficult poetry.

Cast :Nichita Stănescu, Dora Stănescu, Florin Iaru, Johnny Răducanu, Adam Puslojic, Srba Ignatovic, Nicolae Breban, Gabriela Melinescu, Florin Iaru (narator).
Screenplay : Alexandru Condeescu, Traian Cosovei
Music : Johnny Răducanu
Produced by : Film Location Guide
Animation : Radu Igazsag
Executive Producer : Giuliano Doman
Director of photograpy : Andrei Butică
Editor : Andrei Iancu









3. Luni (2008)
Running time: 55 min

Tudor and the other guys in the documentary represent an entire lost generation of young people who grew up in the poor neighborhoods, in the workers blocks of flats built by Ceausescu in the 70’s and 80’s. They are condemned to have no future.” (Marian Crişan, Producer, director)

The documentary follows Tudor Sişu (La familia) a regular boy in the hood. TUDOR was in prison two times, for drug traffic and use of highly risk drug. He was set free in november 2007 and is now under a surveillience programme during the trial. Every monday, he has to go to the Police Station and prove he is clean. He has to sign a paper saying he didn’t leave the country and he is “ok”.

Directed by : Marian Crişan
Cast  : Tudor  Sişu
Produced by : Rova Film, Mandragora Movies
Editor : Tudor Pojoni
Produced by : Marian Crişan

 4. The Flower Bridge (2008)
 Running Time: 87 min

 Thomas Ciulei  - Filmografie producător:

2008 – Podul de flori (r. Thomas Ciulei)
2004 – Dumnezeu cântă la saxofon, dracu la vioară (r. Alexandra Gulea)
2001 – Asta e (r. Thomas Ciulei)
1996 – Prea târziu (r. Lucian Pintilie)

Showing a father raising a family alone, transforming life into a theater play, The Flower Bridge, if seen by the mother, becomes everything that she misses.( Thomas Ciulei)

Costica Arhir raises his three children in the village of Acui, Republic of Moldavia.His wife has left for Italy three and a half years ago to find work, and has not been home since. In a similar situation are around half of the active population of this country.

Directed by : Thomas Ciulei
Cast : Costică Arhir, Maria Arhir, Alexandra Arhir, Alexie Arhir
Screenplay : Thomas Ciulei
Director of photography : Thomas Ciulei
Music : Marin Cazacu
Editing : Alexandra Gulea
 Awards :
Prix des Bibliotheques, Cinema du Reel, Paris, 2008
Mention, Le prix des Jeunes, Cinema du Reel, Paris, 2008
Şin Prize "Remembrance and Future", GoEast Film Fest, Wiesbaden, 2008
Award in remembrance of Reinhard Kämpf, GoEast Film Fest., Wiesbaden, 2008
Main Prize, Mediawave Festival, Györ, Hungary, 2008
Best Film on Labor Migration, Cronograf, Moldova, 2008
Prize in recognition to best reflect the Human Rights thematic, Cronograf, Moldova,  2008
Best Romanian Feature Film, Transilvania Int. Film Fest., Cluj, Romania, 2008

 5. To be or not to be (2007)
 Running Time: 122 min

  “The difficult thing about filming in a penitenciary of maximum security, with the criminal convicts is was compensated with the complexity of the actors from Arad theater troupe. The beauty and the evil from each one of us, surface apparently in a way ironic and absurd, even if odds seem to be against them.” (Anca Damian, producer, director)

 The subject of this film is a theater troupe from the Maximum Security Jail of Arad.

Directed by : Anca Damian
Screenplay : Anca Damian
Director of photography : Iljia Zogovski
Music : Carter Burwell
Editing : Alexander Zikov
Producers : Anca Damian  , Video Publishing House

 6.Gumelniţa. Bucşani. A new world the same beginning(2007)
Running time: 47 min

 The movie will try to address to the general public, mo matter the genre of documentary preferred by them.” (Daniel Simion, regizor, producător)

  A new world the same beginning” it’s a documentary 47 minutes long about the informational heritage discovered in Bucsani (Giurgiu), on the Neajlov River. The village has vestiges from Gumelnita civilization (4500-4000 B.C.).

 Directed by : Daniel Simion
Screenplay : Daniel Simion
Director of photography : Costin Elefteriu
 Music : Ştefan Elefteriu
Editing : Alexandru Preoteasa
Producers : Daniel Simion, Alexandru Preoteasa

7. Adela and Agnetha (2008)
Running Time: 31 min

In the summer of 2000 I stayed, by pure luck, for one night in a mixt family of sachians and gipsies in a village in the Transylvanian Plateau. At the beginning of 2008, taking a masterate in The Management of Cultural Treasures I remembered that episode and I asked myself whether this kind of families weren’t the basis for the whole Transylvania” (Geo Scripcariu)

“Adela & Agnetha" is a documentary on two mixed sachians -gypsies families living in Transylvania. Adela is a gypsy woman married to a  sachian man, while Agnetha is a  old woman married to a gypsy man. Both of them live in the same village and both of them have dramatic life stories to tell...

Directed by : Geo Scripcariu
Screenplay : Geo Scripcariu
Music : Ştefan “Stefanko” Iancu, Erik Satie
Editing : Cosmin Găleată