Afis IPIFF 2008

Festival Sections

The Festival is structured on several sections as follows:


a. Feature film competition

This competition is dedicated to foreign and Romanian films showed in theatres in Romania between July 2007 and July 2008 (fiction and documentary feature film)

b. Short film competition

This competition is dedicated to short films showed in their country of origin after 1st January 2007 (fiction and documentary)

c. TV productions competitions

This competition is dedicated to Romanian TV short film productions - fiction, documentary, feature report showed in Romania during the last 5 years (fiction, documentary, feature report)

d. Film and TV Universities competition

This competition is opened for all Romanian and foreign film and TV Universities students and 2008 graduates.


Section 2: ROMANIAN FILM PANORAMA (Romanian Film Gala)

This section is not a competition, it is dedicated to all Romanian film productions - feature film - released between July 2007 - July 2008.



a. Foreign feature film sneak previews

b. Romanian feature film sneak previews