Afis IPIFF 2008

Dinu Tanase about IPIFF 2008 - image

Dinu Tanase about IPIFF 2008

The International Independent Film Producers Festival organized by the County Council of Constanta and the Film and Audiovisual Producers Association of Romania - member of CEPI - is the first international film festival of this kind in Europe and Romania. IPIFF approaches the cinema phenomenon highlighting an element that is not commonly discussed, but absolutely essential – the film production and the people involved in this profession. Thus, at this edition for the majority of the shown productions we’ll have on the stage also the film producers, right beside the director and the cast. We intend it to be a leisure festival, without competitive pretensions, relaxed, amicable, great for networking, open to all who love and believe in the Romanian film. Already in its third edition, the festival will emphasize the national film production, inviting in the section “Romanian Film Panorama” all the films released between July 2007 and July 2008. In this way the audience will get a complete picture of the national film production. Simultaneously, in section “Face to face” within the Critics Club there will be organized debates, we hope clarifying and most favourable ones, between film makers and film reviews writers for the films shown in the festival. We consider that these meetings of estimations on national productions held with the motto: “tolerance and respect” constitute a favourable moment, a “moment of truth” for the film makers profession. This festival was born from an objective necessity and ultimately from a requirement. Before 1900 there was only one producer, the state, that was conducting propaganda and had no interest if there was an audience in the halls or not. There were the famous screenings at the eighth floor in Casa Scanteii, with all the people controlling the Romanian film. They had no interest in other than the approved themes and the future propaganda. A producer nowadays means something totally different; he/she is the one to initiate the project of the future film – chooses a subject, a script, a director, creates a team. He/she makes a film assuming all artistic and financial risks. There were some phases of the film production formula, necessary phases, but the way to a professional producer is a long one. But time passed and the first independent producers appeared. This festival continues in a favourable moment for the Romanian film, maybe the most favourable one taking into consideration all the prizes received in the last three years in Europe. The large majority of the film makers are their own producers, which means that they started on the way assuming both risks and we consider they succeeded. “It is a festival based on tolerance and respect”.

Dinu Tanase, UPFAR President and IPIFF 2008 Producer