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IPIFF5 provides the first international production training in Romania dedicated to professionals.

Bucharest, June 21, 2010


From July 1 to July 3, the Independent Producers International Film Festival - IPIFF5 held in Mamaia, Constanta, organizes the first dedicated training for  professionals in the production industry.

The training is supported by the renowned company Vision Pictures UK  through it's representative Rebecca Knapp - producing tutor, formed throughout the prestigious Inside Pictures courses for executive producers, led by Qwerty Films.

The theme for this year's training is "the executive producer" - a decisive function in film production.


                                           The Vision Picture Training UK addresses professionals - young filmmakers, cinema and film production fans who have completed the NPA (production) training held in the previous editions of the Independent Producers Film Festival. The fee for professionals is 1.000 RON and 600 RON for those who have previously completed the NPA training. The selected participants are invited to Mamaia, Constanta during the IPIFF5 Festival, will receive festival accreditation for three days, are trained on how an executive producer must successfully undergo all steps related to his work in film production. The maximum number of training participants is 20. Accommodation, including meals, during the festival is provided by the festival.

                                           A daily and punctual presence at the training is mandatory to obtain a Picture Vision UK training Diploma.


                                           Program and conduct of training topics are:

Day 1 - Development (10:00 - 17:00)

* Introduction and overview of the course

* The role of the executive producer


Developing a script

* Promotion

* Pitching


Day 2 – Finances and Contracts (10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

Financing a film

* Financing plan

* Business plan of the project

* Key contracts


Day 3 - The role in Production, Sale, Distribution & Negotiation (10:00 - 17:00)


* How to monitor production to ensure project delivery

* Attracting a sales agent or distributor

* How does Sale and Distribution in the value chain work

* Negotiating contracts

* Negotiation practice


                                           Picture Vision Training UK addresses professionals and young people who want to specialize in film production and who have completed at least one of the NPA production Training editions organized within the International Festival of Independent Film Producers' previous editions.


                                           The Training will be conducted in English.


                                           Rebecca Knapp from Picture Vision UK will be lecturer / training tutor. Rebecca has worked in film production and television in the last 10 years, both in Europe and Africa, the United States and Canada. She lectures at Circus Media, The New Producers Alliance and Forward West. Recently she completed the prestigious Inside Pictures' courses for executive producers, led by Qwerty Film. Rebecca is an active member of BAFTA, New Producer Alliance, the Production Guild and ACE.


                                           For entries to the Picture Vision Training UK, those interested in participating are asked to send:


- A CV + a photo

- The completed application form. (You can find it attached on the site)

- Proof of completion of NPA training at from at least one previous IPIFF edition (if necessary).

- Proof of the payment of the participation fee for the course related category of participant framing.



                                           Applications should be sent to until June 25 inclusive.


                                           For payment, the details are the following:

Dem.I.Dobrescu no. 4-6, sector 1, Bucharest

CUI 22153480

IBAN RO20BRDE410SV11055474100



Selection of 20 participants will be made by the festival management.


Latest date for receiving applications is June 25, 2010.


The registration form can be downloaded from the festival site at:


All those interested are requested to urgently apply, as places are limited.

All necessary additional information and forms can be found on

Iulia Ioana Huiduc

Executive Producer IPIFF5