An interview with Sebastian Pop Codin

An interview with Sebastian Pop Codin

Q: What led you to choose a career in film?

A: As a child I was passionate about visual arts, I started by drawing, I continued with advertising illustrations and illustrations for books, and also did some writing. Basically I enterd this art from many perspectives and eventually film was a form that encompassed them all. Encompassed all my earlier passions into one

Premiile IPIFF5 -

Premiile IPIFF5 - "Eu când vreau să fluier, fluier" a primit Marele Premiu la Festivalul International al Producătorilor de Film Independenţi

Cătălin Mitulescu și Daniel Mitulescu, StradaFilm. Filmul au primit Marele Premiu IPIFF2010 - Trofeul Mării Negre pentru cel mai bun lungmetraj de ficţiune pentru filmul "Eu când vreau să fluier, fluier" la Festivalul Internaţional al Producătorilor de Film Independenţi (IPIFF5), care s-a desfăşurat în perioada 30 iunie – 4 iulie, în Constanţa.

"We are a force on the global movie market" -an interview with Manuela Cernat

Manuela Cernat: "We are a force on the global movie market", not a commercial force, but an intellectual force that matters in the world "


The most interesting moments of the festival ...

Website Story gala screening

Website Story gala screening

At the IPIFF Guest Point there is a  longer line than there would be for warm bread and volunteers write Pass - cards to the public in a hurry, because there are so many people who are coming to Website Story. Stress is high and so is the natural impatience of the audience. Dan Chisu appears and calls for a  program. People are astonished, it is clear they are not accustomed to go to movies whose directors and actors are at the beginning of the screening, as if they came out of the screen. Sometimes  they seem downright unnatural and raise up justified questions like: are they people just like us? When the movie is good, the boundary between fiction and reality, between the actor and character becomes very thin. This is the benefit people like them have: the mirage of the superhuman.

Web Site Story -

Web Site Story - "a film for the youth that wakeps up the adults "

How Dan Chisu  proposed, Web Site Story is a film produced in a pure team spirit, a movie in which the subjective contribution of each member involved  has left its mark on the end result, naturall, rough by will,  gross.