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Music Theatre is an itinerary, independent, innovative art project,promoting live original music interpreted in theater.

Music Theatre is the convincing demonstration that a viable cultural idea, operated by a fair and effective management, finds it's purpose and path to success in the Romanian artistic life, despite all its avatars. Music Theatre pleads for original musical  creation interpreted live in theater. The concerts are interpreted in collaboration with guest musicians, instrumentalists, actors, and backing vocalists.

Music Theatre plays music composed by Cari Tibor for theater. The texts are interpreted in Romanian, Hungarian, French, German, Hebrew, English.

The Pluriiinguism of the project, together with the areal musical amplitude that brings together different genres, from classical to hip hop to blues and rock to cafe concert, is the first key to the exceptional public success the concerts have enjoyed without exception, to people of different ages and the aesthetic tastes.

The concerts are designed in such a way that they can be adapted to any space, classical or conventional, including the street.

Simona Popovici-Donici

More details www.caritibor.ro