3D Camera Presentation

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"3D - a new vision

Stereoscopy, finally possible

With the rediscovery, of digital cinema, stereography or 3D cinema has also been rediscovered.

Initially found in the 40-50's of the last century stereoscopy is feasible only now, thanks to high-resolution small and dynamic digital cameras.

What is it? How does it work? Why is it interesting? What are the benefits? Must a new dramaturgy be invented?

The discussion can start from any point, given that, stereoscopy, like any new language, is stuck between "good" and "bad", "brilliant" and "stupid", "art" and "circus."

Participate to a  discussion of "ideas" at IPIFF 2010 on July 2.


The first professional 3D integrated camera.

SI-2K, the first digital camera that won an Oscar for image has set another performance; the first professional 3D integrated camera.

Trough the "two eyes" , information comes in a single processing system, it is corrected and interpreted and then stored in a single file that can be edited directly 3D in Final Cut!

Moreover, monitoring can be done on film, but also while editing, like in the cinema.

Sounds interesting? Come and take a look at IPIFF 2010 on 1-3 June. "