An Interview with Baczó Tünde

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"An problem that is not discussed poisons a relationship until in the end it dies" - Tünde Baczó


Your vision about the show at the awards gala ...

I started of from some characters who have somehow managed to become the show. The script was not yet written when I started working. I even built the characters. We had a direction where I wanted to get with these characters but it was not 100% clear, and so be it. Thinking and coloring the characters, stopped us  in one place or another. What can this character make? What does dis this character do? If it reacts in a way  or if it reacts in another way.

When we clarified the characters 100% and we  knew who can do  what and how they would do it, how to show  love, or how they expresses trough love, trough words. Then I could start working as a whole show.

We have no goal nor a moral trough which we want to say something. We wanted the problem of communication which  generally appears in a relationship and especially after a period of time to reach the public. After 10-20 years, communication is no longer the same. I wanted people to remember to sometimes say a kind word to one another. If you have something to say just say it , to express the  things you want to tell  not to keep them inside where nobody can see them.

So the man should say "this is how things stand" and then we can  know how to relate to what happens around us.That is why a lot of things get lost. You cannot know what is not said. At the moment when something must be said you think and you find one solution or another, but if you do not say anything you pass over  something that could very well be declaration or a very beautiful relationship.

A problem that is not  discussed poisons a relationship until in the end it dies.


How does a project, a collaboration between you and your husband beggins?

We generally start from zero. In this show (no - "But who will dance with the piano player),the  choreography was first made up, then Tibi thought out the whole process  (No - Careers Tibor). We made way for music, I knew what he would propose. He told us  how the music will be in general, we talked a lot before we started working. We did not have the music itself because it is live music, and my husband worked at another show in Timisoara, and he could not  come to the first  part of the rehearsals. Because we talked a lot, we knew how it would sound, we could hear the music somewhere inside.

He came up with many ideas and enriched the show with some things that we never would have thought about. Even the title song, "But who will dance with the piano payer" is actually his idea. Sound helps us enormously. It give us some emotios whichotherwise we would not feel.Somehow the music says everything. We work very well with Tibi.

And at "... Before" The End "After ..."  music and spectacle built up toghether,we were both there and things went along very well.


About the Romanian Choreography School ...

I think this is the best school in Romania (No - UNATC). However I feel the need for it to be a little more. More styles of dance, more  types of approaching an opening show in terms of light design, directing ... somehow a much larger opening. However, it is, it is to little. If you want to work, you work a lot alone with good advice from teachers. I would have wanted it to be much more. I feel a permanent  need to learn.


The public will always judge,  you judges the audience now ...

It is very interesting, everywhere we find a different audience that reacts differently, it's interesting because trough the public and their reaction we somehow understand what kind of public is in the  thetre. Sometimes with  an "Aaaa" and  a "Bravooo", they aplaud sincerily and from the heart. It depends where we are. Simple people are very giving with their applause.. It's good, you feel very well, is becomes sincere. People in the industry are more like "good, good, well done." the applaude seriously.


Judge us to, how did our dance seem to you?

It is the first time i attend this festival. I was invited here with  two shows and  my husband with a  concert performances and the festival's anthem. It was a great joy to us, we found a very good organization, from the beggining to the end ... As with any festival  you may stumble on the stage, you can not be perfect but these are some minimums that do not regard anything. It happens and you forget. The important thing is what you are  left with . We were left with a  great joy, given by the festival with films and the feeling of a great organizing.


Vlad Babenco