About other mothers

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The official premiere of the movie "About other mothers", the one that closed the 5 th edition of the festival was marked by bad luck. The independent production was recently awarded in Moscow. On the way to IPIFF, the copy the tape was stopped in customs, and the filmmakers were forced to screen a copy of the films at a lower quality.


On the  stage, co-director Tiberiu Iordan, editor and actor Melania Oproiu and actor Silviu Geamanu apologized to the  viewers, while asking them to keep an open mind and souls and to forgive the small imperfections and  clumsiness characteristic to a team of young people that are at their debut. As there were a  few filmmakers they helped each other and became a family during the six days of filming. Nobody had a fixed role in production. Silviu Geamanu helped the scriptwriting and all those involved in the film participated in the financing.


The film was inspired by a true story, as experienced by the Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski. During the filming for the documentar y"The Station", a part of the material was seized by a team of policeman that investigated a case. The material did not contain anything relevant to the investigation, but the incident made the director ask: "But what if something could be found there?"

Ana Dinescu, Corina Sanda