Website Story gala screening

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At the IPIFF Guest Point there is a  longer line than there would be for warm bread and volunteers write Pass - cards to the public in a hurry, because there are so many people who are coming to Website Story. Stress is high and so is the natural impatience of the audience. Dan Chisu appears and calls for a  program. People are astonished, it is clear they are not accustomed to go to movies whose directors and actors are at the beginning of the screening, as if they came out of the screen. Sometimes  they seem downright unnatural and raise up justified questions like: are they people just like us? When the movie is good, the boundary between fiction and reality, between the actor and character becomes very thin. This is the benefit people like them have: the mirage of the superhuman.


The doors for the cinama hall close. There are long lines everywhere: from the Guest Point at the entrance to the popcorn, to the interviews. A kinesthetic celebration, a mix of senses in complementary tones. Cari Tibor's song arrangements spreads inside the hall accompanying the offictial IPIFF 5 spot and the hall responds by applauding togheder in unison. Dinu Tanase has begun the speech and invites Chisu to join him but it does not belong to them but to the public We find out that WebSite Story was filmed in 12 days and we  find that hard to believe! We already know  from the  festival's director that it is an indie film, 100% financially independent, that speaks bluntly and is not afraid of anything. Other films from past editions are remebered such as The elevator and Trip, the latter being produced 100% in Constanta. Dan Chisu stands up straight and has a confident air, but is not devoided of emotions. He presents the actors, Costel Bojog and Cosmin Nedelcu, then the stage gets clear and the director  triumphantly scans the hall. Not even he expeted  so many people to come, especially that Website  Story was already premiered in Constanta, outside the festival. He calls after Nicodem Ungureanu  who only now enters the hall and  hardly finds place: "Come quickly, you were almost about to miss the beginning! You were eating? Chocolate again ... ", then they both laugh. Visual arts tie up withought hesitation solid friendships. It is a state of mind that is hard to describe and that comes over you when the lights are closed in the full cinema hall and the movie beggins. You, as a spectator, if your  first love is cinema,  feel you can not expect any longer, but you love the waiting It's the clicking shutter, and the movie begins.

 Chisu Dan sits on the stairs, right before me. I'm watching the film and director at the same time. Whatever may be said, the creator completes his work.


Diana Ţăţârcă