Kino Caravan Film Gala

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Gala projection. Kino Caravan

Friday at 18:30 the gala projection for the production "Kino Carvana" took place in front of a small but entusiast public.

Dinu Tanase, the festival's producer, said that many directors, including himself, would have wanted to screen Ion Grosan's novel since the 80s. It is a film "desired by a generation and made by another " he said.

In the opening speech, Dinu Tanase explained the absence of the public at the Kino Caravan screening by saying that if the movie would have  appeared in the '90s,it would have had  greater impact, beeing inspired by recent history, while the current generation of young people can only digest  certain segments of that period.

The team members were invited on stage. The operator Vivi Dragan Vasile, the actor Dorian Boguţă, and the special effects director, Daniel Parvulescu preferred to allow the screening to speak for itself. "It is the most rained  movie," they said, and Daniel Parvulescu is "the man who brings the rain.

Photo: Corina Sanda