Interview with Mihai Orasanu

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Q: You were a producer for "Auntie" a film submitted to the festival this year, . What can you say about working with Serban Marinescu?
A: I'm working with Serban Marinescu  for 25 years, from back when he made his first short film: I was a sound engineer in Buftea then . As a producer, we worked toghether on two other films, "Tycoon" and "Villains." Being old friends, we integrated into production fairly fast.


Q: How about the  collaboration with Daneliuc?
A: It was the first time Mircea gave the scrip to someone  else.This collaboration has been interesting. Serban tried to implicate somebody else to write the screenplay, unlike  in his other films, especially that the story is for young people. He tried it with a modern video camera in his hand.


Q: What can you say about the  actors in "Auntie"?
A: Many young actors, besides Cecilia Barbora, Cosmina Pasarin makesa great role.


Q: How was Cosmina chosen?
A: It was a long period of casting. The main role is important and we all know that Mircea wrote the lead character for Cecilia.


Q: How was the  filming at the seaside in terms of  sound?
A: It was indeed dificult, but we have it all on tape. We had all sorts of difficulties because we have a dense dialogue, the actors had to be followed together with  their game. I had long frames for 3.4 minutes on each real. I tried to keep all the material  genuine.


Q: What about this year's edition of the IPIFF Festival?
A: Despite the difficult start, it's on a good line. I didn't see any  gaps, although I'm in the jury from the the first edition, watching movies with great interest and we resist! Still trying to give hope for the festival to resist and to be increasingly popular.