Interview with Dinu Șerbescu

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Q: After the first day of the festival, which movies have attracted your attention more?
A: Today the  German film school  with two centers. Of German animation, five movies, five ways  totally different from one another, excellent plastic, graphics, jokes, some good movies to watch and nice to learn from .


Q: What do you think about the evolution of today's animated movies?
A: The world is heading towards the spectacular of 3D, but spectacular will not always replace replace moral ideas, jokes, charm animation, classical to say that 3D appearance. The world is captivated by the image – that's all. Thefestivals I go to, happily return to traditional animation.


Q: Animation films are often a source of new things that they could learn from. What do you think about the fact that today animation films in Romania are doubled?
A: Depends on the perspective you look from. From one perspective it's  good from the other it's  bad. For example, nobody was bothered by the  long-feature film, which was carried out in double language. There is no shame! Personally, I don't like it.


Q: What do the different films that  attend IPIFF have?
A:  Diversity and complexity is on par with major  animation festivals. IPIFF has a good position in  the animation chapter!

Bianca Pana

 Photo: Cristian Radu Nema