Another world

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Directed by: Dumitrascu River - Class XII

Photography: Florin Goglinache - Class XIII

Editing: Dumitrascu River

It's a film without actors,with no script, which can bring both advantages and disadvantages for  this achievement!


Synopsis Another world

In the interwar years, Brunea Fox speaks of "Five days among lepers" , about the live's o æepers and the disease. Intrigued by this story we wanted to see how life in the hospital is nowadays.

A film that cries out through  images, we hope that the story the journey of high school students among lepers  captures the viewers interest.

We hope that we could express ourselves trough images well enough.

The one minute documentary, talks about the life of the last lepers from last leprosy in Romania.

"Another World" talks about how people made peace with leprosy, as they tried live forth their life's, as normal as possible. It talk about peoples frustrations, about a seemingly dark and isolated world, a reserve of humanity, a corner of people approaching extinction. One corner that the modern society perhaps needs. It is not about leprosy, which no longer officially exists in Romania, but about ordinary people, who bear the agony on their face, while the contemporary man bears it in his mind,a crippled soul.

Maybe it talks about the leprosy mastering us all , because we are more and more ignorant.

It is an educational video, in which religious motives, the self punishment of the people who bared a lifetime of leprosy shout out for those who go through this fraction of a story.