Afis IPIFF 2008

1st Edition, 2006

Quick-Fresh - image


Running time: 18’

Director: George Dogaru

Producer: Alexandru Iclozan, Marius Th. Barna

Cast: Coca Bloos, Constantin Drăgănescu, Aristita Diamandi, Mircea Constantinescu, Emanuel Pârvu, Ioana Calotă, Vasile Calofir, Ioana Barbu

One Shot Wonder - image

One Shot Wonder

Running time: 7’

Director by: Cătălin Leescu

Producer: Carter Films

Cast: Andreas Petrescu, Constantin Bărbulescu, Luana Stoica, Vladimir Petrescu

At midnight, two brothers are cruising the city in a bus loaded with money stolen from The National Treasury. They got two hostages, the Governor of the National Bank and his lady secretary. Yet nothing is what it seems. What looks like a daring heist rapidly unveils as a dirty family business, where the youngsters force the Governor to testify how he ditched their father, his illegal businesses’ partner. And they get revenge for it their own way.

Saşa, Grişa & Ion - image

Saşa, Grişa & Ion

Running time: 10’

Director: Igor Cobileanski

Producer: Moldova – Film

Cast: Valentin Cucu, Igor Mitreanu, Sergiu Voloc

Three trouble shooters are sent into a remote field to fix a broken cable. The cold, too much ardour and a little bit of vodka will render their work useless.

Where You Push and Where It Cracks - image

Where You Push and Where It Cracks

Director: Petru Hadîrcă

Produder: Moldova – Film

Cast: Lilia Bejan, Anatol Durbala, Ion Sandu

At nighttime a stranger knocks at the window of a poor teacher and asks him for lodging. Although displeased, the teacher gives in to his beautiful and disconsolate wife’s insistence and welcomes the stranger who is given food and a place to sleep. However, the man has to go away on some business during he night. Happy, the wife awakes the unknown man with hidden hope. In his turn, he gladly grabs at the... food cupboard, much to the woman’s disappointment.


Feature Film Jury

Cristian Tudor Popescu - Journalist

Alexandru Tocilescu - Theatre Director

Senad Alihodzic - CineLink - Sarajevo Film Festival

Cristian Zgabercea - Producer

Iulia David - Editor de film - film editor, Time Out Magazine, Bucharest

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