Afis IPIFF 2008

1st Edition, 2006

Happy end - image

Happy end

Running time: 90’

Director: Radu Potcoavă

Producer: Alexandru Iclozan, Marius Th. Barna

Cast: Mircea Diaconu, Serban Ionescu, Daniela Nane, Cătălin Paraschiv, Ana Maria Lazăr, George Alexandru

15 - image


Running time: 95 min.

Cast: Maia Morgenstern, Cristi Iacob, Ioana Moldovan, Daniela Nane, Şerban Ionescu, Ion Dichiseanu, Valentin Teodosiu, Vladimir Găitan, Constantin Cotimanis

Director: Sergiu Nicolaescu

Love Sick - image

Love Sick

Running time: 85’

Directed by: Tudor Giurgiu

Producer: Oana Bujgoi-Giurgiu

Cast: Maria Popistaşu, Ioana Barbu, Tudor Chirilă, Cătălina Murgea, Mircea Diaconu, Virginia Mirea, Tora Vasilescu

And Now... THE SENTENCE - image


Running time: 12’


Produced, Directed and Written by: Dinu Adrian Şerbescu

A cycle of very short satirical tablets (1’ – 3’) made with the animation technique. The idea started from the “things can be done differently” principle. Adages, quotes, and famous phrases, all extremely serious in their statements, turned into funny stories, each with a completely... unexpected twist! Not meaning to minimize the human wisdom collected in such phrases, the author tried and succeeded to prove that

Alogic 11... - image

Alogic 11...

Running time: 28’

Cast: Roxana Gutman, Zoltan Butuc, Anca Sigărtău, Rudi Rosenfeld, Iulia Lumânare, Cătălin Babliuc, Radu Iacoban, Manuela Hărăbor

Directed by: Florin Kevorkian

Bucharest–Berlin - image


Running time: 23’

Director: Anca Miruna Lăzărescu

Producer: Mobra Film – Eikon Film

Cast: Ana Ularu, Ercan Durmaz, Luminiţa Gheorghiu, Dan Condurach

Ioana sets off to travel from Bucharest to Berlin with two heavy bags, a bit of money and the address of her cousin Tomescu. She wants to earn money for her family back home. At the ZOB, 37.5 hours later, she realises that Tomescu has forgotten her. With the help of a taxi driver, Kurun, she goes on an adventurous search.

One Night Love - image

One Night Love

Running time: 25’

Director: Florin Kevorkian

Producer: Florin Paraschiv

Cast: Ana Ularu, Andi Vasluianu, Dan Aştilean

A violent argue with her father forces teenager Cristina to leave her broken home, leaving behind a shattered home. After a few attempts to seek help from friends, the girl meets a young shop assistant Vlad in a gas station. He gives her the first glimpses of hope to reconcile with the world. Redhead, the chief, brutally imposes unconditional rules that make Cristina go further on her nightly journey through the storm and rain. A truck driver stopping by offers a helping hand but not all help is backed by good intentions. The next day’s dawn finds the night’s events among police records. Vlad bitterly understands that he missed the chance to help someone was facing a crossroad in their life.

The Lamp with a Fur Cap - image

The Lamp with a Fur Cap

Running time: 23’

Director: Radu Jude

Producer: Ada Solomon

Cast: Marian Bratu, Gabriel Spahiu

In a house from a poor village, an eight-year old kid and his father decide to leave in the still dark morning, despite father’s displeasure and the cats-and-dogs rain. They walk through the rain, covered by plastic bags and carrying a big mysterious box, sheltered by a blanket. They walk barefooted on the muddy county road and talk apparently absurdly about a helmet lamp, which seems to be the reason of their trip to the city. The road is challenging but their commitment overwhelms any possible barrier. In the town, they take the precious carriage to the destination. Coming back home proves to be no less challenging and our heroes will face unusual tasks until the end.

Baked Apples - image

Baked Apples

Running time: 14’

Director and Producer: Alexandru Mavrodineanu

Cast: Constantin Diţă, Smaranta Ciceu

Matei, a young Architecture graduate, wakes up one ordinary day in his apartment and realizes that he should better make a change in his life. After a few steps, he is surprised by the rapidity of the change; it is right behind the door…

Marilena from P7 - image

Marilena from P7

Running time: 45’

Director: Cristian Nemescu

Producer: Ada Solomon

Cast: Gabriel Huian, Mădălina Ghiţescu, Cristi Olesher, Gabriel Spahiu, Aura Călăraşu

Andrei, a thirteen old boy, living in the outskirts of Bucharest, decides one day to steal a trolleybus so as to flabbergast Marilena, the prostitute that he fell in love with. Behold, what wouldn’t people do for love?!...

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