Afis IPIFF 2008

1st Edition, 2006

Programme - Wednesday / September 6

Studio Cinema

/ 10:00 / 12:00 / 14:00 / 16:00 / 18:00 /

Le Courage d’aimer

Director: Claude Lelouch / 103’ / Panorama

Arenele Tomis

/ 20:30 /


Programme - Monday / September 4

Studio Cinema

/ 10:00 / 12:00 / 14:00 / 16:00 / 18:00 /

Palais Royal!

Director: Valérie Lemercier / 100’ / Panorama

Arene Tomis

/ 20:00 /


Training Programme

Day 1, Tuesday, September 5th: Overview of producing. Development to distribution. Moving from short films to features

Day 2, Wednesday, September 6th: Script and project development. Budgeting.


NPA Training

The festival, first and foremost dedicated to film producers, IPIFF 2006, is glad to invite you to take part in a training in film production, organized in collaboration with the New Producers Alliance (NPA) from the United Kingdom. This training’s most important purpose is to help establish a better relationship and communication between independent Romanian producers and foreign ones.

12:08 East of Bucharest - image

12:08 East of Bucharest

Running time: 89’

Written and Directed: Corneliu Porumboiu

Producer: Corneliu Porumboiu

Cast: Mircea Andreescu, Teodor Corban, Ion Sapdaru, Mirela Cioabă, Luminiţa Gheorghiu, Cristina Ciofu


Programme - Tuesday / September 5

Studio Cinema

/ 10:00 / 12:30 / 15:00 / 17:30 / 20:00 /


Director: Terry Gilliam / 118’ / Panorama

Arenele Tomis

/ 20:30 /

The Lost City

The Way I Spent the End of the World - image

The Way I Spent the End of the World

Running time: 102’

Director: Cătălin Mitulescu

Producer:Cătălin Mitulescu, Daniel Mitulescu, In-Ah Lee, Philippe Martin, David Thion

Cast: Dorotheea Petre, Timotei Duma, Marius Stan, Marian Stoica, Ionut Becheru, Cristian Văraru, Mircea Diaconu, Carmen Ungureanu, Jean Constantin


Short Film Jury

Marius Jurascu - Film Director, "Alexandru Sahia" Institute Director

Dumitru Moroşanu - Film and TV Producer

Emanuel Lăzărescu - editor-in-chief Cinemagia Magazine

Mihai Gheorghiu - Producer

Lost Love - image

Lost Love

Director: Petre Năstase

Producer:Ada Vertan

Cast: Marius Stănescu, Daniela Nane, Mircea Diaconu, Mircea Anca, Gelu Nitu, Veronica Gheorghe, Cristina Cepraga

Lost Love is a movie about love, friendship, betrayal and destiny. It is the long, hard road of redeeming love by self-sacrifice and humility. The movie portrays the price Vlad has to pay to be reunited with Alina. It is actually the price he has to pay for the woman he loves.


IPIFF Awards 2006

Best Feature Film Award, "The Black Sea" Award - 3000 EURO

Best Director Award - 2000 EURO

Best Short Feature Film Award - 1000 EURO

Best Short Documentary Award - 1000 EURO

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